Book review of The History of Women in  Rock and Roll.

Xana Morris from Coffee Eyes Band reviews The History of Women in  Rock and Roll.

I just finished reading a fantastic book titled

She’s a Rebel, The History of Women in Rock and Roll.

This book is jam packed with stories about success and celebration as well as trial and tribulation. Included are all the greats from Willie Mae Thornton to Janet Jackson.  It covers over 50 years and every genre of rock and roll. Girl bands, solo artists, punk rock, and Yoko Ono, this book has it all.

I found it difficult to follow at times due to the fact that it covers not only a multitude of musicians from many eras but other supporting members of the industry as well. It is 442 pages of examination and interviews but clearly only scratches the surface. I was left wanting more and am searching out some autobiographies to fill in the gaps. Its such a great gateway book.

It was published in 1992 so there is an obvious gap of my entire lifetime. I would like to see a sequel covering the years since then, perhaps something I will tackle in my lifetime.

If you are interested in gaining insight into how we got here this book is a great place to start. The women highlighted here have blazed a path and built a foundation for which I am grateful. Thank you Gillian Gaar for taking on such an instrumental project.